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BleepBloop is a simple puzzle game released on Switch by ZeroUno Games. Its basic premise is to have both Bleep and Bloop work together to solve movement puzzles. Bleep and Bloop are red and yellow squares respectively and to complete each level they need to move to a designated end point. 

However, Bleep and Bloop will continue to move in whatever direction you indicate, until they come to an obstacle. I’m sure you’re familiar with this type of puzzle game. You need to figure out the correct sequence of movements to get Bleep and Bloop to the end of the level and move onto the next one. 

BleepBloop Review

What makes BleepBloop different is that you’re controlling two characters at the same time. In doing so, you can make them butt up against each other and provide a stopping point for the other. So, instead of just trying to figure out how to get one character through the course, you need to make them work together. 

It really stretches your ability to use your spatial awareness and left brain/right brain connection in concert.

As you play BleepBloop you’ll slowly be introduced to new mechanics such as sticky blocks that stop Bleep and Bloop regardless of if there’s a wall or not. By using these additional mechanics and stacking Bleep and Bloop, you’ll find that the puzzles ramp up in difficulty quite quickly. There’s actually a lot more game in BleepBloop than appears on first blush. There are multiple worlds, each with their own theme and mechanics. 

The visuals are cute pixel art and somehow, Bleep and Bloop manage to be adorable, despite being simple squares. The audio is also suitably retro and chip-tunes inspired. 

BleepBloop is a game that feels like it should be on mobile, however, it is more than welcome on Switch. For the incredibly low price and the plethora of content, you’ll definitely have a great time playing BleepBloop on your Switch on the go. 

BleepBloop was reviewed on Switch using a digital code provided by the publisher. 

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