Six new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in April

In a tweet from the official Xbox Game Pass account today, six new games were revealed for the subscription service. 

Coming to the in April, the six new games are;

  • Monster Hunter World – April 18
  • Prey (2017) – April 11
  • Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2 – April 24
  • Resident Evil 5 – April 25
  • The Walking Dead – A New Frontier – April 18
  • The Golf Club 2 – April 11

Fans and subscribers seem to be delighted with Monster Hunter World’s inclusion as you can see from the selection of tweets we’ve collected below.

Xbox Game Pass April 2019

Xbox Game Pass is going from strength to strength and with such a strong showing in April 2019, the service is certainly worth the price of admission. Fans may be going crazy for Monster Hunter World, but so they should be. 

In our review, we wrote;

For the fans of the Monster Hunter series, you will be pleased. It’s got a massive list of improvements that speak for themselves.

For newcomers be patient, because once you crack through and get a handle on it it becomes a fantastic game

We scored Monster Hunter World a 9. In our review of Prey, we wrote;

Prey is undeniably a magnificent piece of science-fiction and a must-play videogame. It’s a slowly unfolding, complex psychological horror game that explores humanity’s need to evolve at any cost

We awarded it a 9.5.

The other four games included in April 2019 are also highly worth playing and should cover all of your bases. 

What do you think of these additions to Xbox Game Pass?

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