Rumour – Xbox’s E3 2019 showing will include Dino Crisis Reboot, Splinter Cell and a next-gen console

File this under massive rumours, but according to verified ResetEra user Leocarian there are some big announcements happening at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference. These are all Xbox E3 2019 rumours, but Leocarian has made a list of ‘predictions,’ however, his verified status on the site and industry insider knowledge lends more credence to this list.

That being said, we’re still calling these rumours, for now, tantalising as they may be.

The biggest items on this ‘prediction’ list include a Dino Crisis reboot, a new Splinter Cell title and the unveiling of a next-generation Xbox console.

Xbox E3 2019 Rumours

The list of predictions gives a fairly comprehensive rundown of Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference. It states that it will begin with gameplay footage of Halo Infinite and a trailer for The Master Chief Collection for PC.

Leocarian’s predictions for these games claim that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for the Xbox Scarlet (codename for next-gen Xbox) and that it will be released late 2020. As for MCC on PC, they claim that all games in the collection will be released by the end of 2019.

Following the Halo announcements, Microsoft will move onto Gears 5, showcasing a gameplay trailer and a Spring 2019 release window. Continuing on with the Gears theme, a gameplay trailer for Gears Tactics will be shown and it will also be given a 2019 release date.

Old school fans will be pleased as Leocarian ‘predicts’ that a short gameplay trailer for Battletoads will be shown and it too, will be given a 2019 release date. Sea of Thieves’ 2019 Roadmap and future content will be detailed before Ori and the Will of the Wisps is given a release date of 2019, along with a final trailer.

After this, Leocarian suggests that a “New Mech Game” will be announced, but doesn’t go into any details. 

It’s at this point in his list of ‘predictions’ that things start to get exciting and a little bit crazy. He writes;

World Premier for Dino Crisis Reboot for 2020 Announcement.

Monster Hunter World – fans got it . Resident Evil 2 Remake – fans got it. Resident Evil 7 was well received. Devil May Cry 5 fans got it.

Do you see the trend here?

Capcom has pretty much been giving what fans wanted and they’ve been arguably the most successful publisher this generation with exception of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. It’s only a matter of time.

He then says that a world premiere of a new Splinter Cell title will be shown and later showcased at Ubisoft’s press conference. 

After revealing this massive list of titles and release dates, Microsoft will then unveil the Xbox Scarlet Family including technical specifications, how the consoles work and what they’re capable of. In addition, Microsoft will focus on an Xbox Live update moving forward and how the service will function on the new Xbox consoles.

Moving on, Project XCloud will be discussed before Ninja Theory reveals its Bleeding Edge project. Playground Games will tease its Fable project and Rare will tease a new, next-gen IP. 

Finally, Microsoft will unveil its new studio acquisitions as it did at E3 2018.

Responding to many requests for confirmation and people calling them out on their predictions Leocarian posted the following;

I was verified because I work in the industry, not neccesarily because I have access to super duper secrets.

Do I know people? Yes
Do those people tell me everything? Absolutely not.

Do I overhear things? Yes
Do some people foreshadow things to me ? Yes.
Do I make educated guess based of what I hear? Yes

And some educated guess are also based off recent industry trends as well. A combination of things. Do I put things in a list because something or someone confirmed something to me? Yes as well. To sum it up my E3 thread is compromised of facts and off very educated guesses. Basically some things on that list are confirmed to be 100% and some are possible and again these things can change last minute.

Was that a wishlist? Absolutely not. Reason for vagueness is because I have to make sure I protect the people I talk to and vice versa. Otherwise we would lose access to some information and so on, this is a no brainer.

The reason why I said “No comment – patience is a virtue” is simply because were 2 months away from E3 and we need some more time before things get locked in for 100%. I dont want to tell you “Yes this is E3” and then something switches a week or 2 before and then I look like a liar and so on. Is this fair enough for you guys? I am trying to be as honest as possible. Thank you.

Everything in Leocarian’s ‘prediction’ list seems quite plausible and would certainly make for an explosive press conference. 

For now, it remains a list of predictions and a list of rumours, though give Leocarian’s verified status in the industry and their post (above) stating why they’ve made the list of predictions and it certainly seems as though some of these predictions are all but confirmed.

What do you think of the list? Do you think it’s legit?

What do you want to see from Xbox at E3 in 2019?

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