Introducing Mortal Kombat 11’s newest playable character; The Kollector

WB Games and NetherRealm have announced a brand-new playable character coming to Mortal Kombat 11. Making his debut in Mortal Kombat 11, The Kollector is one of Shao Kahn’s “most feared associates.”

According to NetherRealm, The Kollector is  “more of a corrupt, mafia enforcer than a government official” and makes his living by stealing from the citizens of Outworld. His wealth and status come from his nefarious deeds, but with the death of Shao Kahn and his successor (Kotal Kahn) vowing to weed out corruption (or is that Korruption) The Kollector went into hiding.

Having finally been captured, The Kollector now faces the executioner’s blade and will stop at nothing to escape.

Mortal Kombat 11 The Kollector

You can check out the trailer for The Kollector in Mortal Kombat 11 below.

The Kollector joins the growing roster of characters that includes;

  • Scorpion, Raiden
  • Sub-Zero
  • Sonya Blade
  • Skarlet
  • Baraka
  • Geras
  • Kano
  • D’Vorah
  • Kabal
  • Jade
  • Johnny Cage
  • Cassie Cage
  • Erron Black
  • Jacqui Briggs
  • Kotal Kahn
  • Noob Saibot
  • Liu Kang
  • Kung Lao
  • Jax Briggs
  • Cetrion

Mortal Kombat 11 and The Kollector are coming to PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One on April 23, 2019.

Recently, it was discovered that the download size for Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch would be 22GB with a day-one update of 15GB.

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