How to choose a gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One consoles

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Playing online games is all about fun and entertainment. You may already be content with having a regular flat screen TV plugged into your gaming console, but you’ll have to reconsider that when you buy a PS4 or Xbox One.

These new generation gaming consoles work best with a monitor made especially for video games. If you want to experience the best gaming experience, it’s time to switch to a gaming monitor, but you must remember not to grab any monitor on display.

You have to choose only the best gaming monitor for console that’s most compatible with the PS4 and Xbox One.

Specs to Look For in a Gaming Monitor

Not all gaming monitors are the same. Choosing the best gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox consoles should depend on its specs. Here are the specs that you should look for in a gaming monitor: 

External Specs

The first thing you’ll see when selecting a gaming monitor is the outer design. So, before you check out the internal specs, you have to also be meticulous with the external features first.

Physical Design – The most sleek-looking monitor may catch your attention the first time, but you shouldn’t immediately base your choice on this. You may have heard about incorporating ergonomics in the workplace. This same principle has to be applied when choosing a gaming monitor as well. Wall-mounted monitors aren’t that bad, but it doesn’t give you much flexibility. Choose one that is flexible or adjustable, and comes with a firm stand. This way, you can tilt it or swivel it to different directions. You’ll have more comfort, and it also prevents eye strain and neck pain.

Eye Protection Feature – You’d want to keep playing for as long as you want, but when your eyes start to turn watery and tired, it could be frustrating especially when you’re in the middle of the game’s climax. Buy a gaming monitor that comes with flicker-free feature and blue light filter. These kinds of products will usually come with a TUV certification as an indication that it passed health and safety standards.

Screen Size – The monitor’s size will greatly affect your gaming experience. The rule of thumb is that gaming monitors should have a screen size that’s above 22 inches. If you have a desk in place, your gaming monitor should be about 24 inches. However, when you’re playing in the living room and sitting on a couch, the monitor will have to be placed a little further. You’ll need a gaming monitor with a screen size of about 27 inches or above.

HDMI Slots – If you’re well-financed and you bought both a PS4 and Xbox One, you’d want to avoid having to switch them repeatedly by plugging them on and off. You’ll save yourself from the hassle if your gaming monitor already has more than one HDMI slot.

Internal Specs

Now that you know what physical features your gaming monitors should have, it’s time to check out the internal specs. This will directly affect how your game loads on the screen and how the console operates, so you have to keep these specs in mind:

High Resolution – A monitor with a high resolution will yield clear images. Unless you’re playing Minecraft, you’d pretty much prefer playing video games on a high-resolution screen. There are three kinds of screen resolutions to choose from: 

  • 1080P or Full HD – This is the general standard for gaming monitors, so you can’t go below this resolution. Since 1920×1080 pixels is less demanding on the console’s systems, gamers usually prefer gaming monitors with this resolution.
  • 1440P or Quad HD – The next level of resolution is the Quad HD. This is the middle ground resolution, and it’s also not that demanding on the system.
  • 4K – This is the highest resolution as of this time, and it measures 3840×2160 pixels. It gives the best and the crispest image display, however, it also needs higher system requirements.

High Dynamic Range – Playing games with life-like or photorealistic graphics is becoming a trend, and game developers are not disappointing avid fans. If you’re an avid fan of these kinds of games, you should make sure your gaming monitor has a High Dynamic Range or HDR. PS4 and Xbox One are best compatible with a gaming monitor with HDR-10. This means you’ll have more vivid colours and better image details for a more life-like gaming experience.

HDMI Bandwidth – HDMI slots may not always be extremely essential for a gaming monitor, but the HDMI bandwidth is more important. A gaming monitor with higher HDMI bandwidth capacity will allow a faster transfer of huge amounts of data from the console to the monitor. HDMI 2.0 is perhaps the most widely preferred capacity nowadays as it’s capable of delivering 60 frames per second for a 4K resolution monitor. If you can find one with a higher capacity, you can expect a faster game loading time.

High Refresh Rate – When the game gets so intense that you press the buttons so fast, you’d want your game to keep up with your button pressing speed. You have to choose a gaming monitor that has a refresh rate of 60Hz to achieve this. You can play on either the PS4 or Xbox One well with this refresh rate, so you don’t have to spend more on monitors with a higher refresh rate.

Quick Response Time – A system lag during the most climactic part of the game is like a nightmare for any gamer. To avoid this from happening, you should buy a gaming monitor that has a low response time. The lower the number, the quicker the system is. The most preferred would be 1ms response time although 2ms is already decent. Go above 2ms, and you’re guaranteed to have more lag times.


You can find many gaming monitors in the market. It pays to be meticulous with the specs, so you don’t end up regretting it in the end.

Your gaming monitor is also an investment, so you better be sure you’re buying only what’s best for you.

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