Steam users are reporting issues with Borderlands GOTY Enhanced

Steam users trying to play the upgraded Borderlands GOTY Enhanced (as it’s now known on the platform) have reported coming across some nasty issues today. 

Posting to Resetera, users have reported the following;

  • the launcher automatically detecting the GPU as the CPU’s integrated graphics with no option to change
  • the settings selected in the launcher are not being reflected in-game
  • defaulted resolution and refresh rate of 1920×1080 at 50 Hz
  • Inability to choose 60Hz even when choosing from the main menu
  • Setting the framerate to Unlimited still sees it locked to 60fps
  • Low FPS when examining loot
  • Deterioarting framerate 

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Issues

While some users are offering tips to fix the issues, others point to the developers of the port, Blind Squirrel Games as the source of the problem. One user writes;

Its(sic) Blind Squirrel, the same guys that botched the Bioshock Remastered games. My expectations were low.

At the time of writing, it doesn’t appear that Gearbox has made a statement on the issue. On Twitter, Blind Squirrel Games is directing people with issues to the 2K support page.

We were fortunate in that we didn’t experience any issues while playing Borderlands GOTY Enhanced on PC. We reviewed it and wrote;

If you’re hyped for Borderlands 3, there are worse ways to kill the time than by playing the original. After all, it’s the granddaddy of the looter-shooter genre and is still one of the best. 

Yeah, Borderlands Game of the Year Edition is fucking awesome. 

Have you been having issues with Borderlands GOTY Enhanced?

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