Ape Escape’s Japanese website has been updated for the first time in eight years

You can’t do much on the internet without someone noticing. Today, Twitter user MuuMuu discovered that the official Ape Escape website in Japan had been updated. 

Looking at the website before this update (image below), which occurred on March 26, the last update on the site was February 11, 2011.

The new and updated website features three new sections; About, Character and Discography. These sections each include some information about Ape Escape, the characters and the games. 

Ape Escape

Old website, before March 26 update

The first Ape Escape was released in 1999 which makes 2019 the 20th anniversary for the series. Given it was and is one of PlayStation’s most popular franchises, you can expect that PlayStation will have something to announce. 

What that might be is anyone’s guess. The optimist in me wants to see Ape Escape 4, while the pessimist worries it might be a tacky mobile title. 

The newly updated sections of the website don’t give any clues either. They are as follows (translated by Google);


PlayStation software released in 1999. It has gained popularity around the world with its unique concept of “catching a monkey that runs around”, and many sequels and series have been produced. As a mascot character, the monkey character “Piposalu” that appears in the game has expanded its playing field to games, manga, animation, movies, mobile applications, goods and so on.


The well-known name of a monkey with improved intelligence in a smart helmet called “Pipo Hell.” He has been on various missions as a part of Specter, who is planning to invade humanit, but soon he notices when he notices. Attacking with costumes and weapons and running away from the staccora, a playful character that doesn’t give up.



Introducing the “Salgecchu” series title released so far!

Clicking on the “view discography” link takes you to another page that shows you the 14 games released in Japan in the franchise.

What this all means, if anything remains to be seen, but we just can’t help but feel a little excited that PlayStation might be FINALLY going to bring back Ape Escape.

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