Fallout 76 adds Survival Mode Beta

A new, competitive way to play Fallout 76 has been launched. The Survival Mode beta is separate from the main game and lets those who want to enjoy PvP more freely do so. 

For example, there are far few restrictions on PvP in the Fallout 76 Survival Mode. Originally, in Fallout 76, if a player character attacked you, they would deal a tiny amount of damage. If you retaliated, PvP would be activated and players would be able to deal full damage to each other. 

In Fallout 76 Survival Mode, players are able to attack each other freely, at all times. Due to the addition of Fallout 76 Survival Mode, all damage dealt by non-hostile players in Adventure mode has been reduced to zero.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta

Another change included with Survival Mode is that all players in your session won’t appear on the map; unless they’re Wanted or one of the three top players in several categories. Anyone who plays well enough to be a top three player in the following sessions will appear on the map until the drop from the top three;

  • Player Kills
  • Longest Life
  • XP Gained
  • Events Completed
  • Enemies Killed
  • Bounty Collected
  • Time Wanted
  • Workshops Claimed

If you’re victorious in your PvP endeavours in Survival Mode you’ll earn double the Caps than you would have in Adventure Mode. Additionally, your prey will drop all junk and a small number of the aid items in their inventory.

The ‘Seek Revenge’ respawn option has been removed and instead, players who are killed can spend Caps to put a bounty on the player who killed them. This makes them Wanted and visible to everyone in the session.

Mortal Combat

To make Survival Mode more enjoyable for those players who choose to play, Bethesda has adjusted combat across the mode. Weapons in Survival Mode do much more damage than they normally would in PvP but are not so powerful as to be able to murder a player in one shot.

Additionally, players are only able to use one of each Stimpak type at a time. This prevents players from stacking multiple Stimpaks on top of one another to provide constant healing. Finally, players are only able to respawn at C.A.M.P., Vault 76 and Train Stations. Players will also only be able to Fast Travel to these locations and any owned Workshops. 

Those who participate in Survival Mode will earn 20% extra XP permanently. 


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To help entice players into Survival Mode, Bethesda is adding weekly, Legendary Rewards. You can check out the first six week’s worth of Legendary Weapons you can earn in the gallery above.

These are;

  • “Crushing Blow” — M79 Grenade Launcher
    • Double damage if target is full health
    • +50% Limb Damage
  • “Medical Malpractice” — .44 Pistol
    • V.A.T.S. crits will heal you and your group
    • +33% V.A.T.S. hit chance
    • 25% less V.A.T.S. Action Point cost
  • “Sole Survivor” — Lever Action Rifle
    • +10% damage to players
    • +10% damage while aiming
    • +50 Damage Resistance while aiming
  • “The Guarantee” — Fatman
    • Double damage if target is full health
    • +50% limb damage
    • 15% faster reload
  • “The Action Hero” — .50 Cal
    • Shoots an additional projectile
    • 25% Faster fire rate
    • 15% Faster reload speed
  • “The Quick Fix” — Switchblade
    • Deal more damage the more chem withdrawal effects you currently have.
    • 40% faster swing speed
    • +1 Endurance

Adventure Mode

As mentioned above, all ‘slap damage’ from non-hostile players in Adventure Mode has been reduced to zero. However, if you return fire against a player and have pacifist mode disabled, you will take full damage from their weapons and vice versa.

In the event you try to take over another player’s Workshop, or they try to take yours, you will also become hostile to one another. In a future update, Bethesda is promising to make C.A.M.P.s safe zone for players, provided they are not hostile to anyone else.

This is the first week of the Survival Mode Beta and Bethesda is looking for feedback from players to help make the mode the best it can be.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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