World of Tanks’ Frontline Mode offers up Massive Challenges in 2019

In 2018, Wargaming added the Frontline Mode to World of Tanks on PC. Frontline is a massive, 30v30 battle and was only available for a short time. However, due to community feedback, Wargaming is bringing World of Tanks Frontline back. 

Each month, a new World of Tanks Frontline Episode will go live. These Episodes will last for one week and will run through until November 2019.

During these episodes, Frontline players will do battle on a 9.25km square map, the largest ever in World of Tanks, and do battle across three fronts.

World of Tanks Frontline

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Alexander de Giorgio, Regional Publishing Director, World of Tanks said of Frontline;

When we launched Frontline in 2018, it was much loved by our players, and as soon as the game mode saw its last battle, tankers were calling for its return. Thanks to the positive feedback we received from our community, it’s now bigger, better and more frequent!

While Frontline retains the core gameplay of World of Tanks, there are numerous differences to help the mode stand apart. Tankers are able to enter special repair zones in order to jump back in the fight at full strength. Players can also respawn, should they get destroyed.

While doing battle, special Combat Reserves can be used. These include smoke screens and air strikes. 

Playing Frontline isn’t just for fun either. Those who participate can earn some great monthly rewards and four tanks. Those who play across multiple episodes will have the chance to earn;

  • STA-2, Tier VIII Japanese medium tank
  • WZ-111, Tier VIII Chinese heavy tank
  • Emil 1951, Tier VIII Swedish heavy tank
  • And a tank that’s currently under wraps

Episode Two of Frontline is live now.

World of Tanks is available on PC.

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