Killer Queen Black is coming to Xbox One and will support cross-play with Switch

Liquid Bit has announced that its upcoming arcade platformer, Killer Queen Black, will be released for Xbox One in Q4 2019. 

Already scheduled for release on PC and Switch in Q3 2019, the release on Xbox One means that Killer Queen Black’s community will be even larger. Especially given that it will support cross-platform play between all three platforms.

Communication is key in Killer Queen Black, so playing online on PC or Xbox One may give players an advantage over those on Switch since VOIP options are limited on the latter.

Killer Queen Black Xbox One

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In Killer Queen Black, two teams of four fighting for victory. Each team includes one Queen and three Workers. The Queen can use her ‘stinger-sword’ and flight to out-maneuver and defeat the opposing team. Queens are also able to claim the power-up gates that can upgrade the Workers on her team.

Workers are defenceless at the beginning of the match and can only protect themselves by throwing berries at their attackers. If a Worker manages to carry a berry through a power-up gate though, they become a Solder who can be armed with Swords, Laser Rifles, Morning Stars and more.

Soldiers can easily kill Workers and are even strong enough to fight an enemy Queen. 

According to Liquid Bit;

All of the action is locked onto one screen, so every character is visible throughout the match. Communicate and keep an eye on the enemy as they strive for one of three victory conditions: Economic, Military, and Snail. 

To earn an Economic victory, Workers need to collect enough berries to fill their hive before the enemy team. Military victories require the opposing Queen to be killed three times in a single game and Snail victories require a Worker to ride the snail into their goal.

A meta-game exists within Killer Queen Black, as the best performing team will become the Black team. With only one Black team in existence at any given time, it’s a prestigious and sought-after honour. Any time a team challenges the Black Team for the title, the match is broadcast to the community.

Matt Tesch, co-founder of Liquid Bit said;

Killer Queen Black’s arcade roots give it a pick-up-and-play nature. Bringing the game to the Xbox One is another way for us to extend that accessibility so more people can join the ongoing battle.

Killer Queen Black is coming to PC, Switch and Xbox One in 2019.

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