Inside Xbox Will Discuss Halo, DayZ, One Piece and More Tomorrow

Microsoft has announced that the next episode of Inside Xbox will air tomorrow — 8 am AEDT, March 13 — and will feature a tonne of announcements, news and more. 

Headlining this episode of Inside Xbox will be news on Halo The Master Chief CollectionDayZOne Piece World Seeker and Xbox Game Pass. 

Microsoft is also promising some surprises, interviews and more, so make sure you tune in on Mixer, Twitch, YouTubeFacebook, and/or Twitter.

Inside Xbox

In addition to the news about Inside Xbox, Microsoft has also announced some details about Xbox Game Pass.

Four titles are being added to the service, with two already available and the others coming onboard from March 14. The titles are Just Cause 4, LEGO Batman 2, F1 2018 and Fallout 4. The former titles are available now and the latter will be in two days on March 14.

According to Microsoft;

Whether you want to soar through explosions in a rainbow-colored wingsuit or stroll through hordes of Bloatflies in an irradiated ocean (no judgment, if that’s what you’re into), we’ve got you covered. All that is in addition to the 100+ great games you already have at your fingertips.

Make sure you tune into Inside Xbox tomorrow at 8 am AEDT.


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