NVIDIA RTX Triple Threat Bundle gets you Battlefield V, Anthem and Metro Exodus

NVIDIA launched the RTX line of Ray Tracing, Turing magic, DLSS-sing graphics cards last year and are seriously peddling the tech as a must have upgrade for PC gamers. 

But these new cards aren’t exactly cheap and the reception from gamers is one of skepticism. The price to performance ratio has left many unconvinced of the upgrade.

NVIDIA is paying attention and while they aren’t dropping the prices, they are sweetening the pot for potential buyers.

The RTX Triple Threat Bundle is an offer that gives you a copies of Battlefield V, Anthem and Metro Exodus with every purchase of an RTX 2080 or 2080Ti.

This includes standalone OEM cards, Laptops or Gaming PC’s. As long as it has an RTX GPU in it, you are eligible.

Buyers of the lower tiered RTX 2070 or 2060 also get some love with a choice of one of the three. And considering that each of these games costs up to $100 and, the GPU’s well over $500, this is a great value add indeed.

The RTX Triple Threat Bundle is available now and can be redeemed at NVIDIA website after you make your purchase.


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