GRIS celebrates sales milestone with free update

Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital are celebrating a sales milestone for the indie platformer GRIS with the release of GRIS Undone.

Undone is a free update that adds a gallery of concept art and unused music to the game. The update comes as GRIS reaches 300,000 units sold in just over five months, marking a fantastic achievement for Nomada’s first title. 

The Undone update adds a browser to the game’s menu which allows players to access a catalogue of unused music tracks and concept art from the game’s development. The creative director and artist behind the game’s signature style, Conrad Roset, has included never before seen designs in the update as well as an alternate version of the game’s main theme by Berlinist. 

GRIS Undone

GRIS was critically acclaimed upon release with reviews praising the game for its breathtaking art style and innovative approach to difficulty. Nomada’s mission statement is to blur the boundaries between art and video games, a lofty goal which the newly formed team have pulled off with its first attempt.

In our review of the game, I called it a deeply spiritual experience which represents the best of gaming’s transition into art. With a subtle plot that is achingly human and immaculately constructed platforming puzzles, GRIS is an absolute must play. I was also fortunate enough to chat with Nomada about the game and its layered imagery and possible meanings in a spoiler-heavy analysis right here.

GRIS is currently 15% off on the Nintendo Switch eShop and PC digital marketplaces including Steam, Humble and GOG. 

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