Bioware announces Anthem endgame loot changes coming almost immediately

Bioware’s Anthem has been out in the wild to the general public for over two weeks now and the reviews have been disappointing at best and highly toxic at worst. But despite all that, BioWare continues to show a willingness and responsiveness to player feedback. 

Earlier this week, it was revealed that players who had reached the endgame were getting way too many Masterwork drops than was intended. BioWare quickly patched that leading to even more derision from the community.

Players cited that the thrill of a looter game is getting tons of loot in pursuit of the perfect rolls to complete their builds. Reducing the drops just kills motivation to continue the hunt especially given the limited content players have at their disposal to farm. 

In a Reddit post released today, BioWare lead producer Ben Irving, outlined some immediate changes coming to Anthem loot in a patch either today Feb 28th or Mar 1st. 

Some complaints that have been addressed in the upcoming patch include:

  • An increase in loot drops — this was nerfed but BioWare raising it again.
  • Removing common(white) and uncommon(green) drops from players who’ve reached the level 30 cap
  • More useful inscriptions on loot — several inscriptions were either showing 0% effects or just not working
  • Reduction in the number of materials needed to craft Masterwork items — from 25 embers to 15.
  • Specific items categories will now roll with unique sets of inscriptions — meaning Rifles won’t roll with Grenade type inscriptions

These changes will dramatically improve the loot chase premise that Anthem is built on and make it easier to craft specific Javelin builds. The speed at which this update comes is astounding and a very good sign for the future of this game. 

Head on over to Reddit for the complete Anthem Update. 

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