Space Junkies is a fast-paced, 3D shooter for VR devices

Ubisoft Montpellier has been hard at work on a VR title that’s sure to make the motion sick prone amongst us quake with terror. Space Junkies is a 3D, multiplayer shooter that “leverages full VR embodiment to immerse players in intense microgravity battles.”

Designed using Brigitte, a proprietary VR engine that allows for seamless development in virtual spaces Space Junkies seems like an intense, VR version of Descent, sans spaceship.

Coming to PC and PS4, Space Junkies will support PlayStation VR, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Oculus Rift + Touch and HTC Vive.

Space Junkies VR

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The PSVR version of the game includes full support for the DualShock 4 which includes use of SIXAXIS motion controls.

When Space Junkies launches, players will be able to dive into a variety of matches and modes including;

  • 1v1
  • 2v2
  • Free-for-all
  • Six Maps
  • A host of weapons

Players will also come face to face with destructible environments for the ultimate test of strategy. Beyond its launch, Space Junkies will be supported with additional content; maps, modes and weapons. Beta tests will be carried out ahead of launch with interested players encouraged to head to the beta sign-up website

Space Junkies will be available on March 26, 2019.

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