Rocket League Friends Update lets you invite players Cross-Platform

Not content to rest on their laurels, Psyonix keeps iterating and improving Rocket League. Released last week, the Rocket League Friends Update gives players the ability to form parties Cross-Platform.

The update adds a new Friends List to the main menu of Rocket League which allows players to see the online status of all Rocket League friends. It doesn’t matter which platform you play on, nor which platform your friends play on; you’ll be able to see their status and invited them to join you for a quick bash of the old massive soccer ball.

Rocket League Friends Update

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The Friends List on the main menu is split into four tabs; Friends, RocketID, Recent Players and Alerts. 

Friends is your basic tab and gives you information about your friends on the same platform as you. RocketID shows your online friends on all other platforms. This works as the update has auto-generated a RocketID for all players. These are similar to your Battle.Net tag as they are your username followed by four digits. 

Players are able to change the name part of their RocketID at any time.

Recent Players is where you’re able to find those people you played with or against and can send them a friend request if they’re playing on another platform. Finally, Alerts is where you’ll find Friend Requests, Party Invited and Club Invites. 

With the Friends Update Clubs are also Cross-Platform. More info about the update is in the video below.

Rocket League is available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. Full cross-platform play is available and has been since January 14 when PlayStation finally flipped the switch.

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