Get the full, sad story of Days Gone in this trailer looking at Deacon St John’s life

Those following the game will know that the Days Gone story takes place after a global pandemic wiped out most of humanity. However, an equal part of the story is that which came before. Creative Director on Days Gone, John Garvin explains that a storyline in Days Gone called ‘I Remember’ focuses on Deacon St John’s sad, backstory.

Before the end of days, before the Freakers and before survival was all there was, Deacon St John met and married Sarah. She was from Seattle and taught Deacon about plants and botany. Deacon proposed and they were married at a church in Marion Forks.

Deacon and Sarah’s relationship was so strong that he left the MC and became a NOMAD so he and Sarah could spend more time together. However, it wasn’t meant to be.

Days Gone Story

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Two years after their marriage, Sarah is no longer in Deacon’s life and he has taken up the ways of a drifter and bounty hunter. Carrying with him a photo of his bride, Deacon stops at the church to think about all the things he’s lost.

Days Gone is clearly trying to tell a personal story in a broad and exciting way. How well this resonates with the audience remains to be seen, but the quality of the acting and visuals certainly help sell it.

We can’t wait to see more of Days Gone when it releases later this year.

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