Weedcraft Inc lets you unleash your inner druglord in April

Devolver Digital and developer Vile Monarch are releasing Weedcraft Inc this April. Exploring the corporate side of the legal marijuana trade in America, Weedcraft Inc is part of the new breed of tycoon game.

The latest trailer shows the gameplay of Weedcraft Inc which includes growing, breeding and selling the best weed possible. Players of Weedcraft Inc are able to choose how they run their business be it a small corner store or a massive corporate enterprise.

Those players who expand their weed empire nationally will see the best profits…even though weed is illegal in 40 of the 50 states.

Weedcraft Inc

The first scenario in the game sees players having to build and manage their brand. That includes weed strains, “staff, R&D, sales, shipping, customer service, marketing, politics and both state and federal governance.”

According to Kacper Kwiatkowski from Vile Monarch; 

The game’s second scenario includes situations that have played out hundreds, if not thousands of times in real life.

After spending over a decade in jail for illegal cultivation, you finally get out, only to find all your fellow former criminals have a head start in the legal business. And even though your past crimes are now perfectly legal, you remain haunted by a federal felony conviction and the legal entanglements that entails.

Weedcraft Inc doesn’t stop there though. Players can create relationships with politicians and lobbyists and can even enlist Instagram influencers to help their brand and turn laws in their favour. Players can even wade into murky legal areas, though they’ll need to be careful as being on the wrong side of the law can see players taken down by the fuzz.

Weedcraft Inc aims to present players with unique and interesting challenges and aims to shine a light on “cultural, business and government hypocrisy when it comes to who wins and loses when it comes to the devil’s weed.”

Weedcraft Inc is coming to PC in April 2019.


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