A Plague Tale Innocence rounds out its web series with the second and third episodes

A Plague Tale Innocence from Asobo Studio is set in 14th Century France. Starring siblings Amicia and Hugo, A Plague Tale Innocence follows them as they attempt to escape the inquisition and swarms of rats spreading the Black Plague.

Asobo Studio is a French studio best known for developing Disney titles and porting various titles such as The Crew to Xbox 360. To introduce players to its new IP, Asobo has released a three-part web series. The first episode is titled Roots of Innocence and features Charlotte McBurney and Logan Hannan who provide the voices for Amicia and Hugo respectively.

Episodes two and three are below. Episode two focuses on creating the world of the Middle Ages.

A Plague Tale Innocence

In creating a realistic world,  set during “one of the darkest hours of human history,” Asobo Studio visited French villages with layouts intact from medieval times as well as studying historical paintings to try to recreate accurate lighting for the time.

The carefully crafted world serves to enrich the story and the characters, and contributes to creating this moving, emotional experience.

Episode three, Children of the Plague, takes a look at the unstoppable enemy in A Plague Tale Innocence; the rat plagues. Plagues of rats spread death and disease all over Europe in the Dark Ages and their scourge spared no one. Asobo says that rats were a secondary design element, “they became an integral part to the game’s structure and a core part of the experience, influencing every aspect of the design.”

The inquisition has begun to fight back, and their equipment is specific for stopping the plague, using light and armour to keep the rats at bay.

A Plague Tale Innocence will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 14, 2019.

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