Dead or Alive 6 Trophies and Achievement List Revealed

It’s not long now until Dead or Alive 6 is out and fans around the world can punch and kick their way to victory. 


While PowerUp!’s review of Dead or Alive 6 won’t be published until embargo, we are able to share the Dead or Alive 6 Trophies and Achievements list. There aren’t any Hidden Trophies and most of them seem like they’ll be unlockable through normal play. 

However, the few that may take a little longer to unlock are the Ranked Play ones which will require you to win quite a few matches.

Dead or Alive 6 Trophies & Achievements

I have unlocked several of the trophies, however, I can confirm that this is the full list of Dead or Alive 6 Trophies.

Dead or Alive 6 will include one Platinum, five Gold, eight Silver and 22 Bronze. The list is as follows;

  1. Dead or ALive 6 Master – Unlocked all trophies – Platinum
  2. FIghting Enteratinment – Fought Debut Match – Bronze
  3. Change! – Changed your Main Fighter – Bronze
  4. Fledgling Fighter – Fought against computer in VERSUS mode – Bronze
  5. Cleared ARCADE course – Cleared a course in the ARCADE mode – Bronze
  6. Cleared TIME ATTACK course – Cleared a course in the TIME ATTACK mode – Bronze
  7. Cleared SURVIVAL course – Cleared a course in the SURVIVAL mode – Bronze
  8. Training Hard – Used Free Training mode for 1 hour – Silver
  9. Exercise Newbie – Completed Command Training for a signle character – Silver
  10. DOA Rookie – Attempted Tutorial – Bronze
  11. A Fighter is Born – Completed all lessons in Tutorial – Silver
  12. A  New Challenger Appears! – Attempted Combo Challenges – Bronze
  13. Unchallenged Champion – Completed all Combo Challenge lessons for a single character – Gold
  14. Adept Shopper – Bought a costume in the Wardrobe – Bronze
  15. Wise Manners – Bought a title in the Wardrobe – Bronze
  16. Records Keeper – Checked the Fight Records – Bronze
  17. The Observer – Watch a COM vs COM battle in the Theater – Bronze
  18. Learning From the Past – Watched a replay in the Theater – Bronze
  19. Melomaniac – Purchased additional BGM – Bronze
  20. DOApedia – Purchased DOA Encylopedia in the Library – Bronze
  21. Star Catcher – Collected one ☆ during a quest – Bronze
  22. Star Dust – Received 10 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode – Silver
  23. Milky Way – Received 100 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode – Gold
  24. Rival Rumble – Fought in your first ranked match – Bronze
  25. Rival Rampage – Fought in 10 Ranked Matches – Silver
  26. Rival Deathmatch – Fought in 100 Ranked Matches – Gold
  27. Fighting For Real – Won 1 Ranked Match – Bronze
  28. The Hungry One – Won 20 Ranked Matches – Silver
  29. The Capable One – Won 50 Ranked Matches – Gold
  30. The Show Off – Won 5 consecutive Ranked Matches – Gold
  31. A Fight to Remember – Saved a replay – Bronze
  32. Rushing It – Won a match by executing a Fatal Rush attack (excluding offline PvP matches) – Bronze
  33. Smashing It – Won a match by executing a Break Blow attack (excluding offline PvP matches) – Bronze
  34. Grabbing It – Won a match by executing a Break Hold attack (excluding offline PvP matches) – Bronze
  35. No Escape!  – Won a match by executing a 3-Hit Combo after cancelling a Break Blow (excluding offline PvP matches) – Silver
  36. I See Through It All – Won a match after receiving 0 damage (excluding offline PvP matches) – Silver

Dead or Alive 6 will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 1, 2019.

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