Predator League 2019 PUBG Rules Put a Heavy Emphasis On Kills, Not Survival

At Acer’s Predator League 2019 Grand Finals, the rules of the PUBG competition have clearly been designed to make the game both more enjoyable to watch and more fast-paced to play. 

With an emphasis on kills, rather than survival, waiting and hiding is no longer a viable strategy. It may ensure a team last until the end of the round and may even claim victory, however, the weighting of points means that a more active team will certainly accrue more points.

This will definitely have some effect on team strategy and will make for some nail-biting competition.

Predator League PUBG

For the duration of the Predator League PUBG finals, the 16 teams will be playing on both Erangel and Miramar, though the latter is only included for one round of five each day.

Scoring will be as follows;

  • Placement
    • First – 10 Points
    • Second – 6 Points
    • Third – 5 Points
    • Fourth – 4 Points
    • Fifth – 3 Points
    • Sixth – 2 Points
    • Seventh – 1 Point
    • Eighth – 1 Point
  • Kills
    • One Kill – 1 Point

This scoring system forces teams and players to be far more aggressive while playing. With 64 players in each round, it’s far more viable to attempt to earn points through kills rather than by attempting to win the round by staying alive. 

Should teams do well enough in the killing stakes, they’ll be in a good position to take the round and net themselves 10 bonus points. 

According to Predator League PUBG rules, there will be 15 rounds played. Players will only be able to use the First-Person Perspective and five rounds will be played each day. 

The maps will have a static vehicle spawn, but it was revealed during the press conference that due to issues with the motorcycles in the game, they will be removed completely. Apparently, a bug was causing the motorcycles to explode without warning, which would be an unfair way to go during an esports event. 

Finally, after the 15 rounds have been played, the team with the highest score will win. If there is a tie the following conditions will determine the overall winner. These conditions will be applied in order, should a tie still be in effect at each stage.

  • Highest Total Kill Points Wins
  • Highest Kill Points in the Final Round
  • Highest Ranking in the Final Round.

Here’s hoping the Aussies of Team Immunity can take advantage of these rules and get some wins on the board.

Leo Stevenson travelled to Bangkok, Thailand as a guest of Acer. All transport, accommodation and meals were provided by Acer.

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