Total War: Three Kingdoms Dong Zhuo reveal shows us a tyrant

The roster of Total War: Three Kingdoms keeps expanding, so far we’ve seen footage of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian and more. 

But the latest trailer has unveiled the twelfth playable faction in the game, the tyrant Dong Zhuo. The video below tells two stories, the first is of Dong Zhuo lording over his vassals in the capital after he has consolidated power, showing the tyrant and his power over the nobles of the area.

The second is Lu Bu leading Dong Zhuo’s armies against what is likely the coalition armies that rose to defeat them around 190 AD. 

Total War Three Kingdoms Dong Zhuo

As some background, Dong Zhuo a great tyrant who ruled early in the three kingdoms conflict. At the time, the death of the previous emperor left China with a puppet emperor too young to rule, and for a time Dong Zhuo held him captive in the capital of Luo Yang.

By securing the emperor, Dong Zhuo was able to name himself as ruler of the capital and hold power as regent of China.

One of the keys to his military prowess was the great general Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo’s adoptive son and leader of the tyrant’s armies. Lu Bu was an incredible fighter who led Dong Zhuo’s armies and struck fear into everyone he went to battle against. 

However, Lu Bu was also power hungry, always looking for the next big battle and the best challenge in combat, so when a coalition eventually formed to combat the tyrant, Lu Bu assassinated his adoptive father to search for a stronger position.

Check out Lu Bu here.

Pretty intimidating, right? That dude means business. 

Dong Zhuo’s story is a tale of power struggles, betrayal and revenge, and one that I can’t wait to be a part of.

Dong Zhuo will be unlocked as a playable leader after you defeat him as another faction or reach the rank of emperor.

This just makes me wonder what other leaders will be playable through unlocks like Dong Zhuo – time will tell, but we’ll update here when we learn more.

To find out more about the revamped spies and espionage system, head here. And for the Zhuge Liang reveal, watch over here. 

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