Report – Nintendo to introduce miniature version of the Switch in 2019

Rumours of an updated, ‘pro’ version of the Switch have been swirling for some time. While the Switch has been phenomenally successful for Nintendo, with over 18 million units sold by April 2018,  the Japanese console maker reduced its overall sales figures down to 17 million for the period ending the financial year 2019.

The introduction of a new version of the Switch would certainly help boost sales. The most likely assumed candidate is a ‘pro’ version, however, a report by Nikkei suggests that Nintendo is preparing a miniature Switch for release. 

Instead of a more powerful, more expensive ‘pro’ version, Nintendo is reportedly planning a smaller, cheaper Switch sometime between April 2019 and March 2020. 

Miniature Switch

The current Switch, while relatively inexpensive compared to the Xbox One and PS4, it’s yet to see a reduced price point. A cheaper, smaller miniature Switch would certainly help sales, especially for those who are still hanging onto their 3DS. 3DS has become less and less of a focus for Nintendo in recent months, with the Switch taking up the market once occupied by handhelds.

According to a report by Gearnuke, Analysts and Industry insiders have predicted and expected a new version of the Switch for some time. As Gearnuke notes, Nikkei is generally reliable when it comes to rumours and speculation, though for now, we have no solid information.

A smaller, cheaper Switch would certainly give hold-outs something to think about and would definitely be difficult to pass up, for the right price.

This remains speculation for now, but we’ll be sure to bring you more news of a new Switch if it comes to light.

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