Razer Nari Review – The Ultimate in Gaming Headsets

In the past few years, I’ve used quite a few different gaming headsets. Those designed for PS4, those for PC, wireless, wired and everything in between. As you can imagine, they have varied wildly in quality. I can say though unequivocably that the Razer Nari is hands-down the best headset I’ve ever used.

It all begins with the Razer Nari’s form factor. The sleek, metallic headband is both solid, yet flexible enough to fit any head size or shape comfortably. The secondary headband, designed to sit flush against your head is soft, yet firm and cushions your head while holding the headset in place. This secondary headset is also attached to the earcups via extendable wires which extend for different sizes.

Rather than the earcups being attached via telescopic arms, the wire attachment of the headset is a much more elegant solution. Not only is there much less chance of the headset and earcup connection being damaged, but it’s also far more comfortable.

Razer Nari Review

The plastic earcups are attached to floating rings which give them a futuristic look and allow give them the freedom of movement laterally. Again, the form factor is tied closely with the function of the Razer Nari and everything works harmoniously. The cushions for the earcups are really comfortable too, both soft and large enough to block out background noise and wear for extended periods. They’re also infused with gel to help them stay cool. 

Finally, the button layout and telescopic microphone are easy to use, comfortable and well suited for any wearer. On the left earcup, you’ll find the extendable mic, mute button, game audio/chat mixer, power button, USB-Mini port and 3.5mm AUX jack. The right earcup has a volume control and a small recess which houses the mini USB Bluetooth adapter.

This tiny, perhaps too tiny, wireless adapter is how you connect the Razer Nari wirelessly to your consoles and PC. Connecting it to your PS4 or PC is a simple process and as soon as it’s installed and you power on the headset, you’re connected. It’s so simple, easy and fast.

It may have been my fat fingers, but I struggled to unplug this dongle, especially from the PS4.

Form = Function

When connected to a PC you also have access to all of the benefits of Razer Synapse. Here you’re able to change the EQ to tailor the sounds to your liking. You’re also able to tinker with THX Spatial Audio which brings incredible 360 degrees sound to your games. 

The form factor of any gaming headset is only half of the story. The second and the more important part is the function and the Razer Nari performs flawlessly. 

The headset handles low frequencies of 20Hz all the way up to the higher 20kHz with aplomb. Bass sounds are deep and rumbling, while higher pitched sounds remain clear and distortion free. Thanks to the incredible sound quality and spatial tuning, playing Resident Evil 2 was even more horrifying. The sounds of zombies in the distance sounded like they were in the distance, ambient noises were clear and everything was balanced. 

Balanced and Tuned to Perfection

No matter how many sounds were happening at the same time, they all remained clear. It’s a really impressive feat for a set of gaming headphones to accomplish.

Overall, the Razer Nari is the best headset I’ve ever used and it’s going to take a lot for something to surpass them. A great form factor, sexy finish and amazing sound quality put the Razer Nari on a high pedestal. 

If you’re in the market for a new headset, these come highly recommended. 

This Razer Nari review was written based on a headset provided to PowerUp! by Razer.


At a glance

  • THX Spatial Audio
  • Cooling Gel-Infused Cushions
  • Game/Chat Balance
  • Lag-Free Wireless Performance
  • Powered by Razer Chroma


  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz): 107 ± 3 dB
  • Input power: 30 mW (Max)
  • Drivers: 50 mm, with Neodymium magnets
  • Inner ear cup diameter: Width 56mm / Length 67mm
  • Oval ear cushions: Designed for full-ear coverage with cooling gel, perfect for long-wearing comfort
  • Connection type: Wireless USB Transceiver / 3.5mm analog
  • Wireless range: 12 m / 40 ft
  • Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Analog connection: 4 – pole
  • Battery life: Up to 14 hours with Razer Chroma lighting / 20 hours without Razer Chroma lighting


  • Frequency response: 100 – 6.5 kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 50 dB
  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz): -42 ± 3 dB
  • Pick-up pattern: Unidirectional

System Requirements

  • PC with USB port; PlayStation 4
  • Windows 10 / Windows™ 8 / Windows™ 7
  • Internet connection for driver installation
  • At least 500 MB of free hard disk space
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  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Great Battery Life
  • Easy to use
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