NVIDIA Game Ready Driver brings G-Sync to Compatible FreeSync Monitors

A few weeks ago at CES 2019, NVIDIA announced its new budget GPU, the RTX 2060 as well as an initiative to bring G-SYNC to compatible monitors. The Game Ready Driver is the secret sauce to make this happen.

NVIDIA G-SYNC, like AMD’s FreeSync, is an adaptive sync protocol that allows monitors to synchronise their refresh rate to match the framerate that the graphics card is outputting. This means less screen tear or stuttering.

Traditionally, monitors are compatible with one protocol or the other but not both, making monitor/ GPU pairing choices a challenge for buyers. Until now.

Game Ready Driver

The new Game Ready Driver allows GeForce Cards to sync with compatible monitors as if they had native G-SYNC built in.

Obviously, not all monitors will work correctly out of the box and so to ensure a great experience, NVIDIA is working closely with major OEM’s to validate that sync via the Game Ready Drivers works well.

Monitors that pass NVIDIA testing will receive a new designation badge, “G-SYNC Compatible”. Here’s a full list of compatible displays.

A quick check of the market will reveal that FreeSync monitors far outnumber the G-SYNC variety and this is mainly due to the higher price NVIDIA’s protocol commands.

So this new G-SYNC Compatibility is a fantastic option for consumers who already have a particular monitor or looking to buy one that doesn’t have G-SYNC built in.

Game Ready Driver is available as a WHQL-Certified Windows download at www.geforce.com/drivers

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