Latest trailer from Bungie shows off The Last Word and teases Thorn

Destiny 2’s Black Armory is winding down now that all the Forges have been unlocked. Players have been anxiously awaiting the Last Word quest to end the Season of the Forge and Bungie has released a mind-blowing new trailer that shows off the weapon in all its glory.

If you never played Destiny like me, you might not know what the big fuss about the Last Word is.

It’s a fast-fire hand cannon designed to be used gunslinger style; rapidly shooting from the hip as opposed to aiming down sights.

The Last Word

As you can see in the video below, it’s crazy at dealing out death. 

One thing that absolutely blew my mind in this video is when the Last Word also shoots down a grenade fired by a guardian before triple-tapping them to death.

The Last Word quest is open to players with the January 29 weekly reset.

That’s not all. Bungie coaxes us along by calling the Last Word a weapon every Hero needs and declaring that every Hero also needs a Villain. We then see our hero guardian being shot and what look to me like ninja blades pelleting the wall. Turns out, these are Thorns fired by the legendary weapon of the same name.

Again, for the non-Destiny players, the Thorn is a hand cannon of urban legend that shoots thorns which deal extra damage over time. This means even if you don’t take down a guardian with the actual shots, the thorns will kill them over time if they had a sliver of health left.

The Thorn will come in the Season of the Drifter which is slated to run March to May later this year. With these two new weapons, Crucible is about to get a whole lot less fun for those without them. 

Destiny 2 is available now.

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