Overwatch Year of the Pig is live; Go WHOLE Hog

I hope you took a few weeks off before Overwatch League season 2 starts because on January 25, 2019 the Chinese New Year of the Pig event goes live and the skins game just got turned up to eleven.

In addition to Capture the Flag returning to the arcade a host of new skins, cheers, emotes and victory poses have been added. Fans of games such as Dynasty Warriors will recognise some of these character concepts.

What you may not realise is that they are all heroes, general, politicians or great minds from early Chinese history.

Overwatch Year of the Pig

Now you can Death Blossom flex on the enemy as Lu Bu Reaper, a general and warlord from the late Eastern Han dynasty. Share wisdom and ingenuity as Zhuge Liang Zenyatta or secure a decisive victory over your enemy as Huang Zhong Hanzo; known as one of the Five Tiger Generals during his period.

There are eight new skins and plenty of sprays, portraits and emotes. All up, there are 37 new cosmetics coming to Overwatch Year of the Pig.  It seems as soon as I finish rounding out my Overwatch collection Blizzard released more stuff.

I just have to have those delicious new skins. As a filthy Hanzo main I’m excited about his new skin but Orisa has piqued my interest as well.

Year of Pig Skins

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What new Year of the Pig skins are you most excited for? Or was there an old skin you missed that you’re excited to see come around again.

As always hit us up on Twitter because we love seeing screenshots of your gaming, achievements and Plays of the Game.

As a bit of news on the Overwatch League, Chengdu Hunters are facing a challenge just weeks out from the opening of Season 2 as one of their DPS players “YangXiaoLong” is facing visa problems.

It has been reported his application was denied and the team is currently working with an immigration lawyer to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Shanghai Dragons faced a similar problem prior to season 1, with some players and a coach being delayed entry until later into the season.

The race is on to see if the issue can be resolved otherwise Chengdu face Guangzhou Charge without their strongest lineup.

You can follow this news about the Chengdu Hunters on their Twitter page. Also don’t forget to follow the Overwatch League and PowerUp! on Twitter also.

Remember season 2 starts February 15 2019.

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