Overwatch Contenders 2019 expansion announced

Let me start by giving a big congratulations to Sydney Drop Bears, proving again they are the dominant Overwatch squad in Australia. The finals series was hard fought by all but only one team could emerge victoriously.

But that’s not the only announcement for the Overwatch Contenders League, as the season expands to include a live inter-regional 2019 season. With the best teams from all eight regions of the Overwatch Contenders League going head to head in a live-streamed double-elimination event later this year.

Overwatch Contenders 2019

Teams from Australia, China, Korea and Asia-Pacific will compete in the Pacific Showdown May 25 through 27. Teams from the two North American regions, South America and Europe will square off in the Atlantic Showdown the following week from June 1 through 3.

The Top regions will send their teams to an event dubbed The Gauntlet which will run from October 11 through 14 which will follow the end of the regular 2019 Overwatch League Season.

With more info to come, stay up to date on the latest Overwatch Path to Pro news by visiting the official website or by following Overwatch Contenders on Twitch and Twitter.

Jamie Sherlock
Jamie Sherlock
Gamer, writer & sports enthusiast. I'm interested in all things RPG and stats. I believe fantasy sports teams is just DnD for the guys who made fun of kids who like DnD, but that doesn't stop me from participating in either hobbies. Unashamed Blizzard & Wizards of the Coast fanboy, if you got a problem with that you best roll initiative punk!

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