Last Oasis heading to Steam Early Access

There’s a brand new MMO on the horizon, this time coming from Indie developers Donkey Crew. Titled “Last Oasis”, the game is a post-apocalyptic clan-based survival MMO and is due to hit Early Access sometime in the Aussie Autumn.

The setting for the game is certainly unique – due to a cataclysmic event that destroyed the moon and seemingly slowed the Earth’s rotation, the Earth has been divided into two inhospitable halves – one of fire and heat, and the other of cold and ice. Between these zones lay the slowly moving Twilight Zone, upon which the remnants of civilisation have built a walking city, which moves across the surface of the Earth as it slowly rotates. Citizens of this city need to head out to open land to gather resources which will allow the city to keep moving – but there are plenty of non-city survivors that need the resources just as badly. As a result, players must choose their allegiances and wage war between the clans, fuelling trade and economy…

It certainly sounds very promising, but as with all games of this type, we do need to see it in practice before we can make any comment either way! Heading to Steam Early Access in the coming months, we do expect to hear more details on this title very soon and will provide updates as they come to hand. For now, though – check out the announcement trailer below.

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