Resident Evil 2 Raccoon Locations Guide – Where are the Raccoons?

A new addition to Resident Evil 2 is Mr Raccoon. This cute, plastic toy is hidden in various locations around Raccoon City. There are 15 overall and by shooting (or knifing) them all, you unlock a Trophy/Achievement and unlock some concept art. Finding all 15 can be a bit tricky, so we’ve got this Resident Evil 2 Racoon Locations Guide to help you out.

To find all of the Raccoons in Resident Evil 2, you’ll need to play both Leon and Claire’s main scenario as well as one of the 2nd Run scenarios. You will also need to have ammo or a knife to make sure you can break each one. 


Resident Evil 2 Racoon Locations

Raccoon #1 – Police Station – West Office

The first Raccoon you’re likely to come across is this little guy, hiding high up on the shelf. Located in the West Office, you’ll enter this room after you climb through the window in the briefing room. 

This room is where you’ll find Leon’s desk as well as the six desks of his squad mates. Opposite this room is the armoury and you can access the Main Hall once you have the Spade Key. The Raccoon is on top of some shelves against the same wall you enter.

Raccoon #2 – Police Station – STARS Office

The second Mr Raccoon you’ll find is located in the STARS Office on the second floor of the Police Station. You won’t be able to enter this room until you have turned off the steam in the Locker Room. Once you do make it through the Locker Room, be on the lookout for the Licker in the Hallway outside the STARS Office.

Once inside the room, head to the right and you should see Mr Racoon Hidden between a monitor and some boxes.

The STARS Office also contains the Magnum for Leon and the Submachine Gun for Claire.

Raccoon #3 – Police Station – Firing Range

The third Mr Racoon comes after the fight in the mechanical room when you make your way to the Police Station underground car park. Through the door on the right-hand side of the car park, you’ll find a Firing Range on your left. Inside you’ll be able to collect a yellow box with a car key. To your left when you enter is the actual firing range.

You can go through a door to get inside, but watch out for the two zombies. You’ll also find some ammo — Shotgun for Leon, Flame Rounds for Claire — and Mr Racoon alongside the far wall. 

Raccoon #4 – Police Station – Chief’s Office

The fourth Racoon is located just outside the Chief’s Office and is impossible to miss. It’s sitting on a table directly across from the Heart Key door that grants access to the Chief’s Office. If you’re playing as Claire first, you’ll find this one sooner than if you’re playing as Leon.

Smash the Raccoon as you make your way to the roof.

Raccoon #5 – Police Station – Break Room

Numbers four and five are pretty interchangeable as to when you find them, based on which character you play as. As Leon, once you climb the stairs from the car park and head into the Break Room, you’ll find this Mr Racoon in the room with the sink and beds, hidden behind a bag.

As Claire, you’ll gain access to the Break Room in Scenario B, at the beginning of the game.

Raccoon #6 – Police Station – East Storage Room – Claire Only

This next Mr Raccoon can only be found while playing as Claire. It’s located in the East Storage Room on the third floor of the Police Station and behind a Heart Key door. 

Inside this room is the first of Claire’s electronic components and a combat knife. 

Mr Racoon is located on the shelf to your left when you enter. Just look up and you’ll see him dancing away.

Raccoon #7 – Police Station – West Storage Room

Wither either Claire or Leon, you’ll find this next Racoon hiding behind the Clock Tower puzzle.

Once you’re inside the Clock Tower, keep walking until you go through a second door and come out in a hallway. Go to the end of the hallway and you’ll find Mr Racoon on a window sill.

This hallway is blocked in the middle but is the other half of the one that grants access to the storage room with the C4 and Maiden Statue.

There should also be some gunpowder right next to the Raccoon.

Raccoon #8 – Raccoon City – Bus – Claire Only

After completing the Police Station, Leon and Claire head in different directions in their respective scenarios. For Claire, as she heads to the Orphanage, she’ll make her way through the streets of Raccoon City. 

Here, fans of the original will recognise the basketball court and the bus. 

Inside the bus, you’ll find a couple of zombies and Mr Raccoon sitting on the dashboard. Be careful of all the zombie dogs roaming the streets too.

Raccoon #9 – Orphanage – Nursery – Claire Only

When you arrive at the Orphanage, you’re able to head directly to your objective if you like. However, if you do, you’ll miss Mr Racoon and some other items hidden in the bathroom.

Instead, go up the stairs to your right as you enter, then follow them until you reach a door. Go through and you’ll see Mr Racoon sitting on a shelf in front of you.

This room and the location of Mr Racoon will be familiar to you after having played the section just prior to Claire arriving at the Orphanage.

Head into the bathroom to find some ammo and other items.

Raccoon #10 – Sewers – Leon Only

One of Resident Evil 2’s most iconic moments is brilliantly recreated in the remake. I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say, it’s excellent.

Just after this, Leon will be waist deep in wastewater and surrounded by garbage. While he waits for Ada to lower a ladder so he can get out, he’ll be able to spot Mr Racoon sitting clean and dry on a ledge.

Make sure you get him at this moment as you’ll be unable to come back to this room once you’ve exited.

Raccoon #11 – Sewers – Incinerator – Ada Only

When you take control of Ada, midway through Leon’s scenario, you’ll be exploring the sewers and hacking EMF panels. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a room with an enormous incinerator. That’s not suspect at all…

Anyway, inside the room, head around to the left of the incinerator from the door you entered and you should see Mr Racoon hiding near some road cones.

You’ll need to destroy this Raccoon at this point as there’s no coming back once you leave.

Raccoon #12 – Sewers – Supplies Storage Room

Available to both Leon and Claire, this Raccoon is hidden in the sewer past some monstrous G-Mutants. You’ll find this Raccoon in the small room just before the Supply Room that has both the Queen and King Plugs and some big ass weaponry.

You’ll be able to get the Flamethrower as Leon and the Sparker as Claire.

As you climb the stairs from the Bottom Sewer, head to the left and Mr Raccoon will be next to some boxes.

Raccoon #13 – Umbrella Labs – Cafeteria

Once you reach the Umbrella Labs, you’ll find yourself locked out of most areas due to the lack of proper identification. The one way you can go leads you through a Cafeteria filled with zombies. You’ll find Flamethrower or Sparker ammo here, depending on your character and you should also collect some pistol ammo.

There are three active zombies as you enter the room and one fake dead zombie near the bottom of the ladder in the top right corner. 

On the table above where this fourth zombie is laying, you’ll see Mr Raccoon next to a sugar shaker.

Raccoon #14 – Umbrella Labs – Nap Room

To find this Mr Raccoon, you’ll have to backtrack to the room just after the Cafeteria where you acquire the Level 2 wrist band. When you first enter the room, the power is off and all of the nap pods are closed. 

Once you have the radio frequency item, you’ll need to return to the nap room, match the frequency to the one shown on the end wall and turn the power back on.

Once the power is on, the nap pods will open and reveal the 14th Mr Racoon. He’s in the third pod, furthest from the entrance. This pod also holds the final item pouch upgrade in the game.

Raccoon #15 – Police Station – B Scenario/2nd Run Only

The 15th and final Mr Racoon can’t be found until you complete the game once and unlock the 2nd Run option.

2nd Run allows you to play as the other character and experience the events of the game as they unfolded from their perspective. Should you play as Leon first, your 2nd Run will be as Claire and vice versa.

Instead of beginning the game on the streets of Raccoon City with flaming wreckage around you, you’ll start inside the Police Station grounds in a graveyard. Head forwards until you go down and then up some stairs again. Hug the left wall and you’ll come to a small opening. Look left and down and you’ll see Mr Raccoon hiding in the bushes.

Destroy him to finish off the last of them and unlock a Trophy/Achievement.

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