STRIKE and GLIDE with Mad Catz’ newest PC gaming peripherals

Mad Catz, the company famous for the using acronyms as named for its products is back. This time, it’s an all-new line up of professional gaming keyboards and gaming surfaces.

The new STRIKE keyboards and GLIDE gaming surfaces complement the RAT pro gaming mice launched last year. 

“Earlier this week we were pleased to announce the shipping of our GLIDE Gaming Surfaces, the perfect partner to our new range of RAT mice,” says Selena Chang, Director of Sales and Operations for Mad Catz Global Limited

“We’re delighted to grow our range of professional PC hardware yet further, with the new range of STRIKE gaming keyboards.”

All-new STRIKE Professional Gaming Keyboards

The new STRIKE keyboards come in two flavours, the STRIKE 4+ and STRIKE 2+.

The STRIKE 4+ has Cherry MX switches with a rated lifespan of 50 million hits. It has anti-ghosting on every key ensuring multiple simultaneous key presses are always registered with no lag.  

The STRIKE 2+ is the more rugged of the two, focusing on solid build and durability which is resistant to liquid spills and moisture. Mad Catz says the STRIKE 2+ is designed to “withstand the most heated of gaming sessions.”

The more solid build comes at the cost of mechanical switches. The STRIKE 2+ uses a custom membrane design for the keys. As a result, you only get anti-ghosting on a 26 key matrix, instead of the whole keyboard. 

Both feature Mad Catz advanced, Chameleon RGB lighting with 16.8 million colours. The FLUX software can adjust colour and brightness of the lights to your heart’s content. 

GLIDE Gaming Surfaces

The GLIDE range is a new line of pro-gaming surfaces designed to give players the highest accuracy and comfort. They are a perfect companion to the mad RAT line of gaming mice.

Available in 16, 19, 21 and 38-inch sizes, the GLIDE is constructed with high-density silicon and friction free cloth. 

Designed with pro-gamer feedback, the GLIDE is constructed with optimal thickness so that  your mouse won’t sink into the material while you play. 

Each can be conveniently folded up for easy transport and are washable. 

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