Razer HyperSense wants to heighten your gaming senses

Last year, Razer launched the Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset with HyperSense haptic feedback. This allowed gamers to feel the sound coming from the game. 

Razer has now announced that wasn’t a one-off but the start of an entire ecosystem of interconnected haptic-powered devices for a  HyperSense-ational gaming experience.

One where you feel every weapon kickback, jetpack thrust or gust of wind as it passes you left to right.

Razer HyperSense

Razer has worked closely with Lofelt, SUBPAC and other experts in the fields of gaming haptic feedback. The idea is to give you 360 feedback in-game by inserting haptics in your Headsets, keyboard, mouse and chairs

This sounds perfect for more immersive VR gaming. Although reviews of Razer HyperSense in the Nari Ultimate have been favourable, we will need to test how well the concept works as a total package.

We don’t know any compatible devices besides the Razer Nari Ultimate but we should see some announcements throughout the year. 

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