NVIDIA RTX 2060 brings budget ray-tracing for the rest of us

It’s finally here. NVIDIA announced the new budget gaming card king, the RTX 2060 at CES 2019. 

The GTX 1060 has been somewhat of the peoples champion in the mid-range PC gaming market. It’s consistently proven its price to performance ratio countless times for the majority of 1080p gamers.

With the launch of the new powerhouse RTX 2080/2080Ti at an eyebrow-raising price, gamers have been anxiously awaiting news of a new budget king.

RTX 2060 – New budget king

Retailing at AUD $599(USD $349), the RTX 2060 is certainly affordable, but how much better than its predecessor is it? NVIDIA claims that the new Turing based RTX 2060 performs 60% faster than the GTX 1060 on current titles. 

This means it also performs better than a GTX 1070Ti which is madness when you consider how good that card is. The RTX 2060 has Turing RT Cores and Tensor Cores plus 6GB of fast DDR6 RAM enabling it to handle ray tracing.

NVIDIA says it will run Battlefield V at 60 frames per second with ray tracing turned on. Most impressive.

The RTX 2060 is already looking like a huge seller for NVIDIA and they’ve even sweetened the pot. Buying an RTX 2060 will net you a copy of either Battlefield V or Anthem.

More information on the RTX 2060 can be found on NVIDIA’s official site.

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