Switchblade MOBA comes free-to-play to PC and PS4 this month

Coming from Lucid Games this month is the Switchblade MOBA. Free-to-play on PC and PS4 and coming as early-access, the vehicular MOBA is a 5v5 take on the popular multiplayer genre.

According to Lucid Games;

Switchblade is set futuristic world where war is the new sport and heavily armed sci-fi vehicles deliver its deadly strategies. The game see’s two teams of 5 compete in a frantic battle as players work together to take down enemy towers.

Switchblade MOBA

At the beginning of a game, players are able to choose two vehicles and are then able to switch between the two at any moment. Lucid Games bills this feature as giving “endless tactical possibilities.” There are 17 different vehicles, spread across four unique classes, which gives players a huge range of strategy to play with.

Following the Switchblade MOBA release, Lucid Games is promising to continue to support the game long into the future. New maps, vehicles, modes, cosmetics and more will be coming, so those jumping in early will be off to a headstart.


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