Destiny 2 Black Armory Izanami Forge is now live for the looting

The Destiny 2 Black Armory gravy train continues on this week with the third forge going online; Izanami Forge.

The Izanami Forge is the name of the game and according to the video, will be found on Nessus and it’s Vex on the field. If my internet feeds are anything to go by, it’s a bit of a bother to activate this Forge.

There is quite a grind involving a number of steps involving Vex kills, repetitive heroic events, story mission and a strike to get the required components. Check out this post on for a complete breakdown of the steps. 

Similar to the other Forges before it, completing the Izanami Forge will reward you with some excellent Black Armory loot. This time around, you can expect to get a new combat bow and a pulse rifle.

Izanami Forge also brings a nice surprise exotic

An added bonus is that several players are reporting that the new exotic bow Le Monarque is dropping randomly in the Izanami Forge.

This bow rolls with the perk, Poison Arrows; Arrows fired quickly after a full draw have poison damage and precision hits will spread poison to nearby enemies. I’m a huge fan of the area of effect weapons in Destiny for clearing groups of ads. 

It’s unusual that Le Monarque is dropping as a random as many thought all the exotics in the Black Armory would have specific quest lines. It’s always nice to get new exotics without ad nauseam quests.

But remember, it’s a random drop so there’s no guarantee you will get it the first, second or nth time. 

Power levels for the Izanami Forge remain in the 610-625 range so most players who are still levelling up may find it a challenge. I personally have only one character just broke the 600 barrier, with the other two trailing at 590.

While Bungie did boost the rate of powerful drops for players under 600, it’s still quite a slog for casual players to get to recommended Forge power level. Here’s hoping that the next update will bring a raise to power level caps all around to make the climb easier. 

Go get busy completing the activation steps and complete the Izanami Forge. 

Destiny 2 Black Armory is available as an Annual Pass on PC, Xbox and PS4

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