Final Fantasy 14 Starlight Celebration 2018 is live

Final Fantasy 14’s Starlight Celebration 2018 is now live. Running from today through to December 31, Starlight Celebration 2018 is Final Fantasy 14’s annual Christmas event. 

For 2018, Final Fantasy 14 is encouraging players to raise their voices and sing.

In Final Fantasy 14’s Starlight Celebration and “Ishgardian choral performance” is running short of performers and is desperate for replacements.

Starlight Celebration 2018

Players who participate in the event will receive special rewards including;

  • Choir Costume – a hat, robe and shoes will all be awarded for completing the quest.
  • Silver Starlight Sentinel – decorate your home with this noble conifer.
  • Starlight Donuts – festive tabletop treats, because nothing says celebration like a food coma.
  • Evercold Starlight Snowman – a frozen friend that won’t melt away to decorate your home with.
  • Opened Twinkleboxes – The detritus of many happy Starlight Celebration surprises.
  • Starlight, Starbright Orchestrion Roll – to help you feel festive all the year round.

The Starlight Celebration kicks off with a mission requiring players to be level 15;

Not-so-silent Night

Amh Garanjy has decided that Ishgardian choral music will be an indispensable part of the celebration, although she has neglected to find anyone capable of such a performance. Is the event doomed to failure, or will you save the day?

Once the event is over, the seasonal quests will no longer be available.

Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC and PS4.

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