New Anthem developer livestream sheds light on loot, gear and progression

I recently got a chance to participate in the closed alpha test for Anthem but thanks to a strict NDA, I can’t talk about anything I saw in there. But it was certainly an experience I’m grateful to have had.

Afterwards, I had a few questions that needed answering.

Thankfully, BioWare has answered a lot of them in its latest developer livestream.

Anthem Loot and Progression

Producer Darrin McPherson and Lead Producer Ben Irving walk us through some mechanics of Anthem loot, gear and progression.

One of the questions I have is how you can progress with the different Javelins. Anthem allows you to have up to four javelin types and I was curious if you would have to level up each type individually.

BioWare revealed that players will skill up their Pilot level and not the Exo suits themselves. Executive Producer on Anthem Mike Darrah reiterated this on Twitter.

As you level up by doing different things in the game, then other Exo’s, abilities and gear are opened up to you. 

Destiny players will have their ears piqued at the mention of Rare, Epic, Legendary and Masterwork gear. Sounds eerily familiar, right?

I’m not looking for more RNG. You can get these through world drops and the types of drops are influenced by your current pilot level or difficulty.

Gear can also be crafted using blueprints/recipes which drop from missions. Interestingly, weapons get crafted at your current level so if you are a level 10 and somehow manage to get a masterwork blueprint, it will craft at level 10 and not higher. Hmmm. 

Anyways, enough talk, watch the video. There’s tons more in there. 

Players who preorder Anthem will get VIP demo in January ahead of its slated release on 22 February 2019 on Xbox, PS4 and PC. 

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