Get your first look at the Maori leader in Civilization 6 Gathering Storm

In the upcoming expansion for Civilization 6, Gathering Storm, developer Firaxis is introducing nine new leaders. One of whom is Kupe, leader of the Maori civilisation.

The video at the bottom gives you a closer look at Kupe and the Maori civilisation as well as some of the units and unique abilities they have.

In addition to the new civs and leaders, Gathering Storm also adds an active planet where geology and weather have an affect on the game.

Maori Civilization 6

When you select the Maori civilisation, the units will begin on the ocean and will receive science and culture each turn before settling. When you do settle your first city you’ll be given a free builder, additional housing and amenities.

Kupe is also a legendary figure for the Maori;

According to Maori legend the Navigator Kupe sailed from Hawaii to the undiscovered land that would become New Zealand and remains a figure in many Maori myths still shared today.

The Maori will also gain access to the Toa which is a unique melee unit. Able to improve hills to provide a defensive bonus, the Toa are also able to perform the Haka to weaken adjacent enemy units.

The Maori civilisation sounds like a great addition to Civilization 6 and I’m certainly keen to see mor of them when Gathering Storm launches on February 14, 2019.

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