Epic Games announces Fortnite Creative

Today Epic Games announced a new creative mode for Fortnite Battle Royale.

In this new mode, you will be able to build and design your own games which will save between sessions. On top of this, you will be able to play with up to 15 other players.

Fortnite Creative gives you the ability to record from various points of view or a free roaming camera making the possibility’s endless for movies and epic action shots.

Fortnite Creative

Season 7 Battle Pass owners can jump in right away at the end of Season 6.  However, Fortnite Creative will be opened up to the rest of players on December 13.

By purchasing the Battle Pass, players will be given access to their own private island where they can play with a total of 16 players. On their private islands, players can design and build their own games, battle in brand-new and unique ways and design their very own Fortnite island.

Fortnite Creative is available now for Season 7 Battle Pass holders.

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