ManaRocks calls for beta participants

An all-new digital trading card game; ManaRocks is heading into beta soon and developer Rockgames wants you to play.

Digital trading card games seem to be a dime a dozen at the moment and the cynic in me says it’s mainly because of the chance for developers to cash in on booster sales. Players will sometimes spend crazy amounts of money looking for that one card to complete their deck and gain the upper hand in the current meta.

It’s a tried and true formula in the current world of microtransactions. 

Refreshingly, with a beta season starting in the next few weeks, ManaRocks is introducing us to a new form of digital card game, free from booster packs.


Calling its self a Seasonal card game, ManaRocks will rotate the cards in use on a regular basis. With each rotation, all players are given access to the same basic cards with further cards being unlocked through play only.

We have seen this kind of rolling meta before in plenty of other games, MTG Arena and Hearthstone both operate this way to a degree.  To play very competitively in either of those games, however, a significant amount of time or more likely money is required to build top tier decks. 

I’m sure ManaRocks will have some purchasable items, but what game in 2018 doesn’t? 

Being somewhat modelled after Hearthstone with a hero at the helm of each deck I’m looking forward to finding out what other mechanics ManaRocks introduces to differentiate itself from the ever-growing library of titles in the genre. The revealed 2v2 mode is a promising start. 

If you are interested in joining the beta, slated to start late November/early December you can do so by filling out this form

Luke Clarke
Luke Clarke
Games have always been a big part of my life in all types of formats. I'm just as happy with a deck of cards or a bunch of miniatures as I am with a keyboard and mouse or controller. Any game where there is a little teamwork happening is usually going be my favourite. I'm very partial to a good RTS, RPG or FPS session with friends, a beer and some decent music.

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