Graveyard Keeper Breaking Dead DLC free on Steam.

Tiny Build’s excellent cemetery management sim/RPG, Graveyard Keeper has its first DLC now available for free on Steam.

The Breaking DeadDLC adds some interesting and appropriately morbid new features that should help players with their ambitious crafting and farming goals. 

Graveyard Keeper Breaking Dead DLC

A resurrection table can now be found in the morgue where players can choose to make use of incoming corpses in new and interesting ways.

Creating a zombie army opens up all sorts of possibilities such as automation of gathering and crafting. Undead maintenance workers can tend your graveyard and manage the sales of your produce, leaving more time for other pursuits in and around your graveyard home. 

Graveyard Keeper is a sort of undead version of Stardew Valley.

It’s available now on PC.

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