2K wants to teach you how to play Civilization 6 on Switch

Perhaps one of the more interesting and welcome additions to the Switch library is Civilization 6. The turn-based strategy/4X title was released for PC in 2016 and is coming to Switch this week.

As the first ever console port of Civilization 6, Switch players are being treated to a special series of videos which aim to teach the basics of the game. In Civilization 6 Switch, players control the rise of one of a number of civilizations. 

Gameplay takes place across multiple time periods and begins at the earliest stages and continues through into the future. 

Civilization 6 Switch

Victory in Civilization 6 doesn’t necessarily mean brute force over your opponents as victory conditions also include Cultural, Religious, Scientific and more. Each of the three videos below aims to teach players the basics of playing Civilization 6 on the Switch and how to win.

With the game releasing for Switch on November 16, now is the time to learn how to play, or brush up on your skills and get ready to conquer the world on the go.

Civilization 6 launches for Switch on November 16.

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