Reigns Game of Thrones Review – In Reigns you either Die, or you Die

If yelling at the TV screen when Jon Snow actually knows nothing and insisting you would do much better in his situation is a favourite past time of yours, this game will be right up your alley.

Reigns Game of Thrones sets the player on the coveted Iron Throne of Westeros and appoints them the task of staying alive as long as possible. And my, what a task this is!

You’ll need to choose poorly equipped advisors to place in positions of power and make hard choices towards improving the lives of poor citizens of King’s Landing. 

That, or you can throw a sick party for the nobles. If you play this game enough, I’m pretty sure you will be qualified for parliament.

Reigns Game of Thrones Review

For those not familiar with the Reigns titles, the interface is set up as a swipe right/swipe left style of game. For anyone familiar with Tinder this will be a breeze. Except there are no super likes, or a crushing sense of inadequacy due to no matches, instead you hold the power of the kingdom in your hot little thumb!

The choices you make reflect a series of status bars at the top of the screen; Power, Religion, People and Wealth. The player is given an indication of what each choice will affect and how severe the effect will be.

Reopen the towns brothels? You better believe the bible thumpers will be pissed off, but the people will be literally tearing their breaches off in celebration. Also, your coin coffers will take a significant hit. If one meter gets too low or too high you lose the game and are treated to a wonderfully descriptive death image.

My record was 45 days on the throne.

Can’t-Wait to Be King

Being a Game of Thrones title, all your favorite characters are there. The player starts as Daenerys and as you encounter other personalities of the Iron Kingdoms you’ll have the option of starting the story with them and their choices.

The player has some small goals to keep them focused, but fortunately, many paths are intertwined so if you’ve missed the quest in one play through you will generally be able to accomplish it in another. A card in one rulers deck may be important in another rulers deck forcing the player to investigate and make mental notes.

They’ll also need to keep track of what they have seen so it’s not just a random swipe fest. Reigns Game of Thrones is actually a pretty engaging game and features something akin to a perks system.

Here, some of the choices throughout the playthrough allow certain events to change their effect. For instance, being good with your coin and sucking up to the Iron Bank of Bravos will enable the player to not be killed if it gets too high or low. There are other events that do the same to the other meters as well, so it’s good to experiment with what works.

Swiper No Swiping

I played this game on my PC and I installed it on my Surface Pro and played in bed. It was actually a really good way to play, however having this title on my phone really caused it to shine, idly swiping on public transport or long car trips was a great time filler that I came back to for a while.

The art style is simple yet effective with not too much detail, but just the right amount of kitsch, making it very pleasing to the eye.

Reigns Game of Thrones will definitely appeal to the casual, time poor gamer and the involved completionist alike. It’s an excellent take on the Reigns series as a whole offering much more immersion and involvement than the previous titles, especially if you’re a GoT fan. 

Reigns Game of Thrones was reviewed using codes provided by the publisher.

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