Strap in for the Quake Champions October Update – Details Inside

Grab an armour pack, your jump boots and the biggest gun you can find, Quake Champions is kicking in the door with an all-new game mode, skins and a new playable Champion. The Quake Champions October update is live.

With updates to Arcade mode on the way as well in the October update, there is plenty happening to keep players interested.

The New game mode ‘Slipgate’ provides an attack/defence where teams fight over a portal capable of summoning an Elder God. Defenders are looking to hold the portal as long as they can as attackers come at them from every side, intent on closing the portal before a tentacle horror drags itself into our dimension.

With more milestones and weapon shaders themed around the tentacle apocalypse players are fighting over, it seems this is Quake’s take on a spooky Halloween event. In addition to weapon shaders, Ranger and Scalebearer also receive new skins as well as the new Champion Athena.

Quake Champions October Update

Athena’s backstory comes from early Quake lore days. One of the first volunteers for the Global Defence Force (GDF) to fight the Strogg after they ravaged Earth, she was caught in a trap but managed to escape when a slipgate generator collapsed, teleporting into the Dreamland arenas.

Which is an endless void of battles in the Quake universe. An agile and aggressive warrior, Athena uses her grapple line and natural grace to outmanoeuvre and frag her opponent.

  • Starting Stats
    • Health: 125
    • Armour:50
    • Speed:320

Active Ability – Grappling Hook:  Athena launches a grappling hook to the target location and immediately pulls herself towards it. While in flight, Athena can stop pulling herself forward and instead swing, allowing her to perform impressive manoeuvers.

Passive Abilities – Ramp Jump: Athena can reach greater heights by using the top step or ramp as a launching platform for her jumps.

To help players improve their Athena skills, the new Arcade Mode ‘Swinger Party’ is now available. And no, it’s not that kind of swinger party get your mind out of the gutter.

Every player loads in as Athena with Grappling Hook shots causing an instant kill in this free for all deathmatch. However, if aerial movement isn’t your thing then queue up for ‘Lead the Way’.

A Scalebearer only mode that is sure to be packed to the rafters with Bull Rushing mayhem, which is definitely more my speed.

But in Quake Champions variety is the spice of life… err… I mean death, so perhaps ‘Mystery Champion’ is for you as it makes its way into the Arcade rotation, along with Unholy Trinity game mode.

Load up your railgun, cycle your rocket launcher and charge up your lightning gun as a slew of updates hits Quake Champions, including some major performance updates and optimising as well as balancing and map tweaks.


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