WWE 2K19 is available now, grab it for a chance to win a million dollars

WWE 2K19 is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This year’s instalment is more focused on storytelling and has been designed to provide a faster and more fluid experience for fans of the series.

Coming back to WWE 2K19 is the 2K Showcase which this time, focuses on Daniel Bryan and his career.

The 2K Showcase was absent from the past two releases, but 2K is proud to be bringing it back in WWE 2K19.

Dubbed, The Return of Daniel Bryan, the showcase is told in the stars own words. It also includes classic footage from Bryan’s career.

WWE 2K19 Out Now

In addition to the return of the 2K Showcase, WWE 2K19 is also giving players the chance to win a million dollars by playing a brand-new game mode.

Dubbed Towers, the new mode lets players choose WWE Superstars or their MyPLAYERs in order to tackle a series of WWE Superstar opponents.

Towers will feature unique challenges set around a theme. These themes include showcasing a certain roster or match type.

Taking part in Towers is definitely going to be required for those players hoping to score one million dollars.

As part of the launch celebrations for WWE 2K19, fans have the chance to challenge AJ Styles to a bout and if victorious will walk away with a cool million. Players will need to beat the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Tower in-game, shoot a promo challenging AJ Styles to a fight and submit their video online.

The best videos will see four semi-finalists battle at Wrestlemania 35 with the winner getting to challenge AJ Styles. Rules at the bottom of this page.

WWE 2K19 is now available.

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