Warframe Cephalon Squared Podcast – Episode 12 – Augment mods!

Episode 12 of Australia’s bestWarframe podcast has been published! This week is packed with Warframe goodness – discussions about Augment mods, a Community Guest Star, and lots of lore. And yes, audio issues are being addressed!


  • Discussion: Augment mods – are they worth a mod slot?
  • Community Guest Star – Andrew from Discord & FB!
  • Beginner’s topic: LORE – Vor’s Prize
  • Advanced topic: Tenno hunters – fighting the Grustrag Three + bonus LORE!

Warframe Podcast

Episode notes:

Digital Extremes Official Inktober Megathread (Warframe Forums):


Console update! (Official page)


PC Mainline info! (Official page)


George Spanos music tweet (Twitter)

Baro Ki’Teer’s 100th visit on PC! (Twitter)

Join the community (links)!

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Available now wherever you listen to your podcasts – search for “Warframe” or “Cephalon Squared”!

As always – thanks for listening!

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