Home News Veil of Crows is set for release this month

Veil of Crows is set for release this month

Veil of Crows is set for release this month

It’s a scary time to be a fledgeling RTS series. New Total War and Age of Empires titles are on the way.

But Australian studio Arrow Face Games in collaboration with Humble Sage Games aren’t intimidated. Their sandbox style real-time strategy game titled Veil of Crows is set for a release this October.

Currently, Veil of Crows is available via early access and game trailers as well in-game footage can be seen on Steam.

Veil of Crows

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’re certain to love the gritty and raw battles as well as underhanded politics in Veil of Crows. It’s not hard to see where Arrow Face Games draws its inspiration from.

The battlefield is littered with corpses, powerful generals buy off raiding Vikings and use them as a weapon against their enemies.

With a heavy focus on the bleakness and chaos of medieval times, your poor kingdom will be raided by barbarians, burnt down by rival factions and then the barbarians will come back and raid the burnt down remains. Grim.

Battles range from small border skirmishes to all out sieges and everything between. Veil of Crows looks to tastefully blend the violence with diplomacy and an enticing RPG element. The way you play is up to you but every silver tongue turns to lead sooner or later so you best have an army to back up your negotiations.

With player decisions impacting the world around them, your kingdom will last an age and often outlive your characters. As heroes rise and fall, our borders and monuments to success remain.

Will you be a kind hearted diplomat or a blood-soaked tyrant? Included in Veil of Crows are four game modes for players to sink their teeth into;

  • Prologue is to teach you the basics and help guide you, mould you into a leader who will march victorious.
  • Campaign, starting with but a few loyal followers you must make your own greatness. Gaining more followers and fame as you carve your way to the throne.
  • Sandbox Mode allows you to set your own starting conditions and help build the world around you, prove you’re the greatest whoever lived and hold onto your crown for as long as you can.
  • Custom Battle puts you in the director’s chair as you set the terrain, units and even the weather. 

Play your enemies against each other, forge powerful alliances, extort and betray those who are too weak to resist you. Tear down their keeps and build your own empire with fully destructible buildings

Veil of Crows is set to leave Steam early access on October 18, 2018.