Speaking Simulator comes to PC in 2019

Speaking Simulator is yet another entry into the wild and weird scene of game simulators. Coming from Brisbane based studio Affable, Speaking Simulator is best described as an awkward, physics simulator.

Players control an Android that tries to infiltrate human society. Your job as the player is to make him as believable as possible.

We’ve seen all sorts of simulators in recent times, including the bizarre and much loved Goat Simulator. So what makes Speking Simulator stand out? Let’s take a look.

Speaking Simulator

To control the android, you must manipulate his lips and tongue in the hope of sounding as human as possible through a variety of social situations. Talk your way through common social scenarios like job interviews, workplace romance, and a medical examination.

Perform poorly and the android’s face fizzles and breaks apart, blowing its cover. I gotta say, it looks very weird. The physics engine seems to add some extra complexity to the way the mouth and tongue function.

It’s hard to imagine how exactly the controls will work but we will know all that and more in Q2 2019 when it launches for PC.

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