PAX Aus 2018 to host the first Australian Quake Championships

Bethesda and PAX Aus are teaming up to bring hardcore shooter action to this year’s event. Taking place over PAX Aus 2018, the inaugural Australian Quake Championships will determine who is the best Quake Champions team in the country.

Qualifiers kicked off on September 9 with Corvidae currently sitting on top. Cooked Esports and Aim No Brain round out the top three spots. See below for all current standings. 

More qualifiers will be held up until Sunday, October 14. The winning teams will be flown to Melbourne to take part in the Australian Quake Championships.

Australian Quake Championships

At PAX Aus 2018, the best teams will compete on the ESL Stage and the overall winning team will be flown to Dreamhack Winter Elmia in Jonkoping Sweden. Dreamhack Winter Elmia will be held between November 30 and December 3. 

A prize pool of $200,000 USD is up for grabs too. This is the ultimate event for Quake Champions players and a great opportunity to get some esports exposure on the world stage.

Current Standings

The upcoming qualifiers will be held;

  • September 23
  • September 29
  • September 30
  • October 7
  • October 13
  • October 14

For full details of the qualifiers and upcoming events head to the ESL page.

The first ever Australian Quake Championships will be held at PAX Aus 2018.

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