Strange Brigade Guide – Horde Mode Tips

Strange Brigade has plenty of action going on. The horde mode is tons of fun, especially when playing with friends. At times though, it can be rather challenging.

Here are a few tips I put together to help you out.

Keep in mind some of you will find these tips more common sense, but not all of us commonly have it.

Strange Brigade Horde Mode

Conserve your coin

In horde mode, you start with a pistol and your grenades. To get your hands on one of the primary weapons you need to build up enough gold to purchase one.

Try to get through a couple of rounds before doing so. This will give you options when choosing the weapon that’s right for you. If you get one too early you may find it underpowered down the track.

The same goes for the powered weapons from the antiquities chests. Only go for those if you’re having trouble with putting done the stronger fellas, like the mummies or armoured zombies.

It’s a trap!

The traps can only be used once per wave. I found it most effective to use them against the stronger enemies.

Be careful though as some enemies that have range attacks can set them off. Unless you plan to use them try to give them a wide berth.

Open those doors

After a while, the hordes will be vast. Try to get one or two the doors open as quickly as you can.

Take a second to check the ones available as they will vary in cost. If your playing with others you should try and alternate opening the doors.

Keep in mind not all doors open up new areas but will be a room with upgrades and health potions.

Use the space

It’s very easy to get overrun as the rounds progress. Don’t let yourself get cornered, run away to shoot another day.

Playing solo, use all your dodgeball skills, remember the five D’s! dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge and dodge.

If you are playing with others and find yourself cornered have them try and spread the heard. Communication is key.

Team shoot the stronger enemies

I know, I know, the common sense thing. But let me explain.

For the most part, you can kind of ignore/avoid the standard enemies. If you focus on the stronger enemies when they come they go down pretty quickly.

This will give you time to then start thinning out the plebs. This also gives you a chance to get back to the weapon and upgrade chests without starting the timer.

Do not use the ammo chests early

The ammo chests have limited uses. Once expended it costs gold to make them usable again.

In the later rounds, you will definitely need the ammo and the gold. You can still get ammo from killing enemies so when viable use your melee, amulet and grenades.

Keep an eye out for puzzles

Keep an eye out for plates or puzzles, these will open up powerful weapons. They can burn down the stronger enemies nice and fast.

Above all else

Have fun!

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